Seller Tactics

Tactics for Negotiating with the Seller

Buying your home will exercise your patience and will often pay off if you can muster it. If you sense the seller needs to move quickly don’t rush. Allow the house to be on the market for a while.

The longer the home goes unsold the more pleased the seller will be to finally receive an offer. Be aware though if the house is a great deal it may not stay on the market long and you risk potentially losing the home to another buyer.

You can also make your offer immediately. If you move quickly the seller may not have been made other offers that they would consider in conjunction with yours.

Your negotiating strength lies in how long the home has been on the market, how quickly the seller needs to sell, and how willing you are to walk away from the home if your offer is not accepted.

Don’t forget that the seller may likely make a counter offer to your offer if they consider it unacceptable. You can always challenge their counter offer with what you think would be another suitable price. For example, you could ask to have some appliances included if you accept their new price.

Have a signed agreement prior to performing any of your inspections in order to avoid spending money on a house you may never purchase.