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When & Where To Search for Your New Home

Homes look their best in the spring and summer therefore prices may be a bit higher. However in the fall and winter when leaves have fallen and gardens are no longer in bloom sellers are generally more flexible when negotiating since they know they will have to wait until spring for their home to look its best.

Some think they should wait for mortgage interest rates to drop. However, this plan doesn’t always work because home sellers also follow the interest rates and may ask a higher price when they know the lending market is advantageous to the buyer.

Remember the more open you are to the areas and plans in a given town this will better your chances to find what you’re looking for.

Have your agent research the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) based on the specifications you’ve outlined for your new home. Take a look in real estate books found at the supermarket, the classified ads of the local newspaper, and the internet as many realtors list homes for sale on their websites.